A handful of recycled PVC pellets

Recycled PVC from PVC Pellets Ltd

PVC Pellets Ltd supplies a very consistent recycled PVC regrind created from material that was used in cooling towers or water treatment plants.  The material has been processed into a flake and oversize material screened out leaving a maximum flake size of around 4mm.  (Click here to find out about our desire to produce pellets).

Recycled PVC flake from PVC Pellets Ltd
Recycled PVC flake from PVC Pellets Ltd

Thanks to a UKRI grant, we have been able to test samples and can assure you of:

  • Zero heavy metals
  • Highly consistent feedstock
  • Regular supply
  • UK source
Loading an FIBC
We can load a 40′ curtain sider to its maximum payload

PVC regrind is shipped in FIBC (big bags) on pallets, typically 1,300kg per bag and all loads are weighed out on our certified weighbridge.  If you prefer a different size bag then please give us a call to discuss.  We are familiar with exporting to the EU and can provide all the necessary documents.  Our recycled PVC is classed and Identified as END OF WASTE, as per Directive 2008/98/ec of the European parliament – Under derogation Article 6.


Sales are recorded with Recovinyl, the Europe wide organisation that monitors and verifies the recycling of PVC waste and the uptake of PVC recyclate. Click here to visit the Recovinyl website.

This gallery shows four different loads that we shipped out recently.  When loading, we take care to ensure the bags are placed tightly up against each other to reduce the risk of moving.  We insist loads are securely strapped to ensure a smooth delivery.  A load plan is prepared for every load and several photographs are taken during loading.  These can be shared with you via WhatsApp so you can monitor progress.  We are keen to have feedback about how the load arrives with you so we can make any improvements if necessary.   If this sound like the attention to detail you like please call us now to discuss your requirements for recycled PVC!