A handful of recycled PVC pellets

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PVC Pellets Limited is a privately owned limited company, founded in 2021 by Ben Morley to supply PVC regrind.  Ben gained a BEng Environmental Engineering with Honours at Cranfield University in 1999. PVC Pellets is located at our Recycling site in South Derbyshire.


We foresee a time when plastic will be recycled and re-used in the same way that other materials such as steel and glass are. A circular economy for plastics.


We want to become a trusted supplier of recycled PVC regrind that can substitute virgin PVC for the extrusion and injection moulding industries. 


PVC Pellets Ltd is focused on the final stages to process recycled PVC regrind, which is primarily sourced from our sister company BM Tech. This means screening to remove oversize and cleaning to remove any contaminants so we can sell a high quality regrind. The intention in the medium term is to invest in an extruder. Laboratory analysis will be used to understand additive requirements for the melt filtrate process to ensure we create pellets which can be sold to manufacturers so the PVC is recycled into products such as rainwater gutters, fascias, window frames, ducting and pipes.  However, don’t wait until the extruder appears – we are already selling PVC regrind to manufacturers of PVC products all over Europe!  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

A handful of recycled PVC pellets
A handful of recycled PVC pellets

Registered In The UK, Company Number 13647804 | VAT Registration Number GB408637877 | EORI number: GB408637877000